Using a Wiki for Security Analysis

I took a class on the NSA INFOSEC Assessment Methodology. In this class it goes over a methodology for testing a company's security posture from a broad perspective. We're talking about top level down from physical security to following standard operating procedures to ensuring a company has all the proper policies in place. There are 18 main classes and categories that are looked over and more can be added if need be. I found it difficult to really coordinate all that information between a team.


Installing an Atheros Based Wireless Card on the Eee 901

So, I got pretty fed up with the Ralink RA2860 wireless card that comes with my ASUS Eee 901. It does not play well with Backtrack 3 nor does it do packet injection. I want to turn this thing into a nice little security machine that I can bring with me and easily start testing some networks.


Pandora Desktop on Adobe AIR

So today Adobe AIR came out of beta for Linux. That is great news because I also came across the Pandora Desktop (currently in beta) in the same day. These two complement each other very well. It is great for removing that one Firefox window or tab that I always have open to Pandora. Click read more below to check out some screenshots.


Check me out on LinkedIn

So in order to further spread my name around in hopes to find a job in the horrible economy I started a LinkedIn account. Unfortunately I don't know many other people with an account. If you've got one add me as a contact. You can find my page by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page or simply clicking here.


Eee Tips: Reduce disk writes by utilizing tmpfs

I've got an ASUS Eee PC 901/Linux with the solid state drive (SSD). I've been having issues with the /tmp dir and /var/log dir utilizing too much of my 4GB drive. So to fix this I came across this thread which talks about moving those directories to RAM. The process is pretty straight forward and will increase the life of your SSD. Find out what I did below.


Automated Backup w/ rsync over SSH

People are lazy when it comes to regularly backing up their data. This is a project of mine that I use on a daily basis. It's a fairly simple to setup backup server that uses rsync over SSH to backup anything you give it. Best part about it is that it is cross platform compatible and can be scripted to backup multiple PCs at once. This is an very flexible way of creating a backup system and best of all is entirely open source and free.


I'm running on Drupal!

So.. I got sick of using WordPress for my blog and something I put together from the ground up for my projects. Drupal is extremely flexible and offers a huge assortment of modules to do whatever you could want. This is perfect and so far I've enjoyed it. I'm still in the process of migrating everything over so hang on tight.

For more information about Drupal check out there website:



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