Perl: wrapper for virt-install to provide iSCSI storage pool creation

So I've been working on a setup for virtualization, where currently I'm using one large iSCSI target from an OpenSolaris machine. It occurred to me that there is a downside to this. I cannot use zfs snapshots for individual machines and backups/restores will be more difficult. I also did not want to be hassled with having to connect the iscsi targets using iscsiadm every time I spin up a new VM.


Automated Backup w/ rsync over SSH

People are lazy when it comes to regularly backing up their data. This is a project of mine that I use on a daily basis. It's a fairly simple to setup backup server that uses rsync over SSH to backup anything you give it. Best part about it is that it is cross platform compatible and can be scripted to backup multiple PCs at once. This is an very flexible way of creating a backup system and best of all is entirely open source and free.


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