Recovering GRUB after accidentally writing to MBR

The other day I decided to partition out a tiny bit of my hard drive (10 GB) to install Windows XP. I figured it was good to have around to play games in my spare time. No big deal, the install went fine. Then I realized Windows likes to take over the MBR. Grub was no longer my default boot loader. So in order to boot back into Ubuntu I needed a live CD. Honestly, any live CD should work fine for this (try Ubuntu's if you don't have a preference).

Once in you're in your live environment, you need to go into grub's console with the following command:

$ grub


Automated Backup w/ rsync over SSH

People are lazy when it comes to regularly backing up their data. This is a project of mine that I use on a daily basis. It's a fairly simple to setup backup server that uses rsync over SSH to backup anything you give it. Best part about it is that it is cross platform compatible and can be scripted to backup multiple PCs at once. This is an very flexible way of creating a backup system and best of all is entirely open source and free.


Create a backdoor into a Windows system

Using VBScript and netcat it is quite simple to create a basic backdoor into a users system with the priviledges of the user that ran the script. It's a very basic concept and all it does it download the netcat program (nc.exe) from a trusted website into the users c:\windows\system32 folder. What this does is allow you to run netcat from the command line without dealing with the full location of nc.exe. Once the file is in the system32 folder it can simple be run from any command prompt.


Windows at the Airport

I was boarding a plane from EWR (Newark, NJ) to PHX (Phoenix Skyharbor) and came accross this on one of the information screens:

Windows error on a Delta information screen

It was an error for one of their VBScripts. I'm not sure what exactly the script does or was supposed to do but it did create an eyesore while waiting for my plane to board.


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