Creating a Chroot Jail for SSH Access

Here I show how to setup a secure SSH server that could be used for SFTP. It limits the users to what they can do and what commands they have access to. Could even be configured as a way to allow ssh tunneling for your friends/family who don't have the ability to do this themselves. The chroot jail stops the users from getting access to anywhere else on the system and keeps you from worrying about users messing around with key system components.


Using a Wiki for Security Analysis

I took a class on the NSA INFOSEC Assessment Methodology. In this class it goes over a methodology for testing a company's security posture from a broad perspective. We're talking about top level down from physical security to following standard operating procedures to ensuring a company has all the proper policies in place. There are 18 main classes and categories that are looked over and more can be added if need be. I found it difficult to really coordinate all that information between a team.


Automated Backup w/ rsync over SSH

People are lazy when it comes to regularly backing up their data. This is a project of mine that I use on a daily basis. It's a fairly simple to setup backup server that uses rsync over SSH to backup anything you give it. Best part about it is that it is cross platform compatible and can be scripted to backup multiple PCs at once. This is an very flexible way of creating a backup system and best of all is entirely open source and free.


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