Installing an Atheros Based Wireless Card on the Eee 901

So, I got pretty fed up with the Ralink RA2860 wireless card that comes with my ASUS Eee 901. It does not play well with Backtrack 3 nor does it do packet injection. I want to turn this thing into a nice little security machine that I can bring with me and easily start testing some networks. In order to do that I got a new Atheros based card from Gigabyte. This card is known to work well with Backtrack and of course is highly supported in the Linux world. For those that care, it is an Atheros AR5007 chipset.

Once I got the part in the mail I opened it up to install:

Opening the Eee PC and removing the MiniPCI Express wireless card

Very simple to open, all you have to do is remove two screws and take off the plate. To remove the wireless card, take off the two pigtail connectors, which I have circled in red, then remove the two screws circled in blue. Finally move the two pigtail wires and you should see the card pop itself up.

Ralink RA2860 and Gigabyte GN-WS50G side by side

Remove the MiniPCI Express card and insert your new wireless card. Then screw it back in and pop on the pigtail connectors. You are now good to go. If you're using Windows I'll assume you have to install the drivers included but on Ubuntu and Backtrack my card was recognized instantly.

New Gigabyte GN-WS50G Atheros AR5007 based card in my Eee 901

Enjoy your new Atheros based wifi card!