Improving varnish hit rates for Drupal 7

I've recently moved my site to a new VPS and decided to upgrade to Drupal 7 at the same time. It was an interesting move, since a lot of the modules I was using have not yet been ported to D7. One of the main reasons I moved over was for native external caching support, meaning I no longer needed to depend on Pressflow. I ran into a few issues actually getting this to work properly with Varnish, so I wanted to cover how I got this working.


I'm running on Drupal!

So.. I got sick of using WordPress for my blog and something I put together from the ground up for my projects. Drupal is extremely flexible and offers a huge assortment of modules to do whatever you could want. This is perfect and so far I've enjoyed it. I'm still in the process of migrating everything over so hang on tight.

For more information about Drupal check out there website: Drupal.org


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