UAT Places 2nd in Western Regional CCDC

The Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition took place last weekend and I'm proud to announce that my team, UAT, took 2nd place. The competition was a total of 29 hours including a 24 hour session where we were given plenty of tasks. Everything from setting up an E-commerce site to giving a presentation on multi-factor authentication. The team consisted of myself and 7 other UAT NetSec students.

We were given a total of 7 machines. Three of these were running Windows 2003, two were using Linux (RedHat Enterprised & ArchLinux), a VMware ESXi server, and a laptop workstation with Vista. Other hardware included a 1TB NAS from Iomega, Cisco equipment (router/switch), and a Cisco ASA firewall.

Initially we wiped two of the 2003 boxes and through up Windows 2008 and removed RedHat enterprise in favor of a second ArchLinux server. Once this initial configuration was done I was in charge of setting up the E-commerce site. This was a little tricky since it was already running on the RedHat box and I wanted to use ArchLinux instead. I had to back up the MySQL database and html directory and then restore it once ArchLinux was back up and running. After that I had to maintain a second company website and setup Nagios to monitor our network. Once I got these services fully configured I went for a basic iptables firewall to tighten the installation a bit more. The main portion of my configurations were done in Apache and this had been the first time I needed to configure virtual hosts in Apache. This wasn't difficult but was a great learning experience.

Overall, our team had a blast. There were some rough moments when our 2003 Domain Controller mysteriously went down, but we were able to defend successfully from any major red team breaches. The winning team and host of the event, Cal Poly Pomona, was only ahead by a few points and it came down to the very end. It was an exciting competition and I wish I could compete again next year. I wish UAT's team for next year best of luck against Cal Poly and hopefully we will take 1st and go on to nationals.