Kernel Virtual Machines using libvirt

I use iSCSI from a giant ZFS storage pool in order to setup virtual machines. There's a couple advantages to this, as you get the power of ZFS snapshots and the ability to grow your virtual machine's disks fairly easily. To make administrating things a bit easier, I use one large iSCSI target and put LVM on top of this. So really this article will apply to anyone that wants to use logical volumes for their disks, which is much preferred over using files.


Ultimate File Server: OpenSolaris and ZFS

When picking out a solution for your central file server, there is of course many options. None of them quite stack up to the ease of administration and redundancy, out of the box, as OpenSolaris and ZFS provide. With ZFS you can build cheap storage arrays with disks of varying size and different levels of redundancy. For this setup I'm going to go with a basic raidz configuration using 4x 1TB SATA drives.


Announcing FreePanel

What's been keeping me busy? Well I've been working for a managed hosting company (DataPipe) and that has been the biggest source of time suck for me. Outside of that I've been working on some Perl modules to make administrating load balanced servers as easy as possible. For now, read the source if you want to know more:




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